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Back Pain Trapped Nerve

Back Pain Trapped Nerve The human central nervous system makes the world’s most sophisticated computer look like an abacus. And like any sophisticated communications and processing system, the central nervous system sends and receives millions of simple messages simultaneously. It’s often not the complexity of the messages that is so amazing, but the speed and

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Back Pain Therapy Exercises

Back Pain Therapy Exercises “You need to lose weight, and you need to do some exercise to strengthen your back.” How many millions of back pain sufferers have been told to do this? Yet, how many have been given virtually no helpful advice on HOW TO? It might sound glib to say, but if I

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25 tips

25 TIPS FOR BACK FOR LIFE #1…’s tip, the first in a series of 25, is all about attitude in the realm of back pain and the treatment of it. With back pain treatment, there are as many ‘theories’ as there are ‘guaranteed ways to make it “BIG TIME” on the internet’ (IF you know

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Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis When we read what the medical world states about Ankylosing Spondylitis is it any wonder sufferers become distressed and are willing to embark on a lifelong regime of dependent medication? To begin with, I would hesitate to call this a disease, as to understand the situation more meaningfully, I would discern a disease

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Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis Stretch. After doing stretches 1-3, it is often advantageous, for those who are able, to do a piriformis stretch. Many people will not be capable of this stretch, which is why it hasn’t been included in Back For Life. As the name implies, this stretch targets the piriformis muscle, a muscle which lies deep

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Pillow Test

Pillow test Your pillow should support your head so that your spine is horizontal. The best way to test this is to have someone attach some 15mm (approx) wide masking or electrical tape to your spine at the base of your skull and run it all the way down to the top of your buttocks

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PNF stretch for quadriceps

Quad PNF stretches done by the patient Lying on your stomach with a firm pillow under your hips and a rolled-up towel placed under your thigh [it doesn’t matter which thigh you do first as you will do both legs unless otherwise directed]…Gently reach down and take hold of the instep of the foot on

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Quadriceps test

Quadriceps test. To do this you will need an assistant. It doesn’t matter which leg is done first as both legs will be tested. Lie on your stomach on the floor and have your assistant carefully raise your thigh by lifting your bent leg vertically to enable a pillow or rolled up towel to be

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Scapula Stretch

Scapula Sideways Stretch Gently raise one arm [say the right] directly above your head then slowly bend it at the elbow and place your finger tips between your shoulders at the base of your neck and as far down the spine as you can. Try keeping the upper arm as vertical as possible. Now carefully

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