What Back for Life Can Do For You?

What is FLECS?2019-12-21T08:07:34+00:00

FLECS stands for Free Lifetime Email Consultation Service and is part of your purchase. You can email me as many times as you choose and for as long as you choose to ask questions concerning your back pain and how Back For Life applies to it. These questions might relate to clarification of something in the book, guidance with the stretches or exercises, or suggestions when the ‘ideal’ method is difficult or impossible in your particular case. There is almost always a variation that will enable you to achieve the desired result and FLECS is there to help you find it.

Is Back For Life available as a video or DVD?2019-12-21T08:07:13+00:00

Yes, we do have a DVD available. The DVD is designed to support you with your stretches & exercises AFTER you have read Back For Life it is NOTa replacement for the book as it does not cover everything that you will learn in the book. If you have read Back For Life and would like additional support with stretch and exercise techniques, or if you would like to order the book and DVD together, then please visit our store here.

What is a Hard Copy Book?2019-12-21T08:06:52+00:00

This is a printed book, just like you would buy in a book store. If you choose to order a Hard Copy book, it will be posted to you. Postage costs are added on checkout.

What is an eBook?2019-12-21T08:06:33+00:00

An eBook is an electronic (or digital) version of a book that is downloaded and read/printed from your home computer. It is not a physical book, it is an electronic document.
Our chosen eBook format is Adobe PDF format. In order to view your eBook, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download and install. If you would like to install the software now, simply click here.

How long would it take for me to start to feel better?2019-12-21T08:06:16+00:00

This is a very individual thing, dependent on a number of variables like severity and duration of the problem, work and pastime activities, as well as their degree of commitment to the Back For Life program. We have seen long term sufferers achieve dramatic life-changing results in a matter of days while others have taken months. The average (and be careful not to read too much into averages) is around 4 to 6 weeks. Try to think of it this way, imagine a tap with a long hose attached to it. When you turn the tap on, there is a delay before the water shoots out the end, but it WILL pour out. If you don’t turn on the tap, IT CAN’T.

Is this book helpful for all back conditions?2019-12-21T08:05:55+00:00

All healthy backs need the 3 movement functions to remain healthy. The 3 functions are rotation, side-to-side and forward/backward movement. Without these functions, pain WILL result.
Without strong medication, it is not possible to reduce pain unless these functions are restored and Back For Life will equip you to regain these functions provided two things are present. One is that you GENTLY AND SLOWLY follow the Back For Life method as instructed in the book and two is that your spine has not been so seriously damaged as to make movement, any movement possible.
Progress, when you are in such a condition, is a very precious commodity. Back For Life is helpful for back pain conditions in the vast majority of cases.

How long do I need to keep doing Back For Life?2019-12-21T08:05:35+00:00

Simple, how long do you want to stay out of pain?

Should I continue with treatment and commence Back For Life?2019-12-21T08:05:15+00:00

Again this is an individual thing. You have treatment to relieve pain – true? So, as your pain levels reduce, you would make a conscious decision to phase out treatment as you felt it appropriate to do so. Most Back For Life people have made that decision when they felt they no longer needed to pay for something they can do themselves and can do for free. They have resisted the pressure tactics that imply “you need the treatment to stay well”.

How long does your Back For Life method take?2019-12-21T08:04:52+00:00

Back For Life takes on average, 15 minutes a day.

Will Back For Life help me to lose weight?2019-12-21T08:04:28+00:00

NO, however weight gain is often a direct result of being in so much pain that you eat for comfort and/or are physically unable to do the necessary exercise to lose the weight. Back For Life can bring you to a place where you can tackle exercising without the unbearable pain, so from that perspective, yes, Back For Life will help you lose weight.

Will this book help neck and shoulder pain?2019-12-21T08:03:56+00:00

Back For Life was written to predominantly help lower back sufferers. Many sufferers have related how they have benefited greatly from neck and shoulder problems as well. This is usually because they had previously been suffering from symmetry related problems. As they have regained symmetry, their neck and shoulder pain has vastly reduced. My new book, called My Necks Book addresses specific neck and shoulder problems.

I suffer from sciatic pain. Will this help me?2019-12-21T08:03:36+00:00

As with the previous question, Back For Life has been greatly beneficial to sufferers of sciatica. Sciatic pain is generally associated with one or a combination of the three essential issues covered by Back For Life.

Can people of any age do Back For Life?2019-12-21T08:03:11+00:00

I have had kids of less than 10 years of age to retired people in their 80s successfully use Back For Life. As long as it is important for your spine to remain functioning, Back For Life remains relevant.

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