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Just wanted to give you some feedback about your book.

I have been suffering from back pain for as long as I can remember.

I have recently paid over $700 in physio treatment and went through almost 3-4 boxes of the strongest pain killers over 2-3 months prior to purchasing your book. After I read the book and started doing the stretches, [I started off with just the first five], I was in pain at the time and on the 2nd day of the stretches my pain had subsided. For the first time after months of medication and hot water bottles on my back I had much less pain. As soon as it would come again, I immediately did the stretches and it just seemed to disappear. Your book is a “God” send to anyone who suffers from back pain. Mine was so severe that there was a time the ambulance had to be called to help me out of bed.

I started to get some pain under my foot and recall the physiotherapist saying it is all related to the back, so then I added the last 2 streches and added the first exercise and the pain seems to have disappeared completely. I am in total amazement how simple these stretches are and how effective they have been.

The reason I was hoping to sort out my back pain as soon as possible, is because I would like to become pregnant and I recall with my first pregnancy, I had gained alot of weight and the back pain was excrutiating, I dont want to go through that again.

Since your stretches are so effective, I wanted to ask you about whether you have had any experience in helping someone who has suffered a stroke. My father is 85 years old and is residing overseas, he suffered a stroke three years ago and has never fully recovered, he struggles to walk by himself as the stroke left him paralysed on the left side. I am trying my level best to fund his physio treatment which has been on-going now for several months but I still don’t see any improvement. I would rather stop the physio treatment and get you to come up with some miracle to help him out, and pay you for that, please let me know if this is something you could do to help him out?

I would also like a small banner that has your book and name so that I can post it on my facebook page. People who help ease other people’s suffering should get noticed and applauded, honestly, you are a life saver, I am very grateful that I bought this book and spent the time to read it from cover to cover.

Thank you once again for giving me my pain-free back.

Kind Regards

Anna Correia

Anna Correia

Dear Richard,
I can recall your generous assistance back in 2006 and the fact that against ALL odds you were able to help me in my desperation with sciatic pain. After consulting a GP., a specialist, and an acupuncturist! I wish you every success in your ongoing quest and again thank you for your successful assistance.

Kind regards
Max Beames

Max Beames

A couple of years ago I had disc problems in my back and was unable to work. I purshased your book on back problems and have found that the information to be most valuable and have found that after following your guidlines I am now back at work. I have also been diognosed with problems with my neck with discs and suffer with migranes and headaches. I was wondering if you have a book on necks that I could purchase. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and helping so many people.

Kind Regards


I am buying this book for my aunt who has a lot of back pain. I was lucky enough to be given your book quite a few years ago and it has changed my life. My wife and I have recommended it to others who have also had success stories. So a big thank you for changing my life. Lets hope my aunt can also have an improvement in her pain.

Thank you again
David Peterson

David Peterson

I began your stretches in 2003 when my back was so bad I thought my life was over, neverending pain day and night and nobody seemed to be able to help me; then I saw you on \’TV and bought your book.
At the time I kept a diary of my progress, but never contacted you. Now I have a computer and came across this diary of my continuing improvement, I wanted to contact you and thank you so much, you gave me back my life, I am now 75 years old and never fail to do these stretches 2-3 times per day, Thank you Richard.



I first started suffering serious discomfort with my back in 1992 (at the age of 58) when I simply awoke one morning with a problem bad enough for me to cancel a particularly special round of golf.

Nineteen years later and into the thousands of dollars of expenditure with Doctors, Physios, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Chinese Medical Specialists, and Specialist Surgeons, I was finally introduced By a friend to your website at a time when my walking was down to a shuffle and the pain had become so intolerable that I was suffering from depression and wondering whether there was a future for me.

The friend who introduced me to your methods did such a good job of selling me on his success with them that it overcame my cynicism and I ordered your book. “Back for Life” with almost instant improvement occurring. I started trying to do them twice daily (in bed) in late January this year. Initially I could only manage a proportion of the first three stretches in a pretty restricted manner. I persevered and over a period of six weeks gradually acquired the ability to perform all six of them and after about two months I started on exercise one. After three months I finally found the courage to do exercise two as well and have been pursuing them as per your book twice daily ever since.

I have not missed doing them twice a day, every day, ever since. I had a Laminectomy in 2002, after being in almost constant pain for 12 months, to the degree I was unable to play bowls being the only sport I was still active in. I had had to give up golf in 1996 due to pain. I had previously damaged my stomach lining with anti inflammatory drugs and all I could take was Paracetamol which was totally inadequate. It has been confirmed that I suffer from Osteoporosis and the latest X Ray. (Dec 2010) showed that of my bottom 5 discs or vertebrae, all are in trouble with the top one being fractured and the other four all bulging. I had an Aclasta Infusion in June 2010 and latest test by specialist confirmed that my bone disintegration has slowed to the degree that he was very pleased.

As it is only 5 months that I have been using your methods there is still very much a question as to wether or not they stand the test of time in my case. I intend continuing with them on at least once a day basis for as long as they keep working and I do them 100% as they are spelled out in your book. I have been so pleased and impressed by them to date that I have very enthusiastically been promoting them to quite a number of other back pain sufferers and actually ordered one of your books for a friend at Burleigh ( Ray Bush) and another lady bowler (Nona Maguire) to whom I recommended you, is also very happy with the results she is getting. Also a bowling friend from Portland (Peter Webster) has been in contact with you as a result of a talk I had with him. Yet another from Melbourne is intending to buy one for his son. At this time, I am a great disciple of yours and long may it continue.

Cheers. Kay Green

Kay Green

I want to let you know how your “My Necks Book” has helped me.
I had been in severe pain with my neck for quite some time, my doctor told me there was nothing he could do, that it was “wear and tear” — yes I was over 70 and had spent 50 years working at a desk as an artist/ illustrator doing very fine concentrated work. I had treatment from osteopaths, chiropractors and an Alexander technician— none of them were able to alleviate my pain to any significant degree.

So through my brother who had gotten hold of your “Back For Life” book and after a surprisingly short time applying method therein announced to me “Hooray! for the first time in years I am free of pain!!” So he recommended that I try your “My Necks Book” and so I did. After a short time I noticed a distinct improvement and this improvement continued and after several weeks the pain had almost gone. I am now over 12 months into the programme of regular 4 times a day stretches and exercises and I now have no pain at all.

I want to thank you Richard more than I can say for your wonderful method.
I would confidently recommend it to anyone who has neck pain– your method really works.

Yours sincerely and very gratefully,

Robert Haberfield
North Wales, United Kingdom

Robert Haberfield

Just a few lines to say a big thank you for writing your book. It was loaned to me by my Remedial Therapist, and the stretches and exercises you have listed have made a huge difference to the quality of my everyday life. I do them twice a day every day
When I was 52 ( I am now 73 ) I had a Pneumonectomy and the result was that “parts ” of me, have moved over to the left side of my body, including my neck as well as my other lung. Drs told me because of the void left by the removal of my lung that this is quite normal.
I have attended a Chiropractor for many years and I would have kept going for many more years hoping for relief from my pain if not for my Remedial Therapist telling me about your book.

I feared that my driving days were coming to an end as I had great difficulty in trying to reverse my car and to try and look over my shoulders was a definite no no. However Richard , thanks to you for all the hard work and time you so obviously put into you book so that you could help others like me, I have a new lease on life. Thanks again.

Margaret from Boyne Island


My husband bought your book a few weeks ago to help his bad back and has been diligently doing your stretching exercises and getting very good results. I, myself, usually have a really bad back episode every couple of years and have to go to bed for a couple of days and rest. Generally, most of the time, I suffer some sort of stiffness or back pain, which is thankfully not debilitating – perhaps a 1 or 2/10. I decided to do the exercises with my husband, and have had remarkable results in only 3 weeks. My back already feels so much better and most of the time pain free.

However, what is more remarkable is that severe leg cramps that I have suffered from in my left leg at night for the past 4 years and that have often woken me up 2 or 3 times a night, sometimes 4 or 5 times a week have disappeared. The cramps used to pull my big toe up, run over the top of my foot and then up the outside of my leg up to the knee. A hard place to get a stretch to relieve them. A big thank you to you for your book which achieved unexpected results, while chiros, physios, acupuncture, masseurs and naturopaths had not had any success. Now I can finally get a good night’s sleep. It’s heavenly and I’m so thankful to you.

God Bless You.
Once again – Thank You!

May God Bless You
Deirdre Obst

Deirdre Obst

I like to thank you for the book that has enable me to continue having fun with my beloved sport Cycling.

I am an indestructible 54 year old, 71 kg boy. I have been a cyclist for life and suffered back problems for about 20 years. This year I began training for the Master games and found that my back was getting worse and stopped me from even doing a mild ride.

My Dr. send me for a CT scan which describe the problem as degenerative change of the lower three lumbar intervertebral discs and of the L5/S1 facet joints. Potential neural compromise at L4/5 and L5/S1.

recommending an MRI for possible intervention if contemplated.

Since this diagnosis 3 month has passed, and I have been doing your stretching religiously for about 2 1/2. I am almost totally pain free! [I feel a bit of pain in the morning waking-up]. I am riding about 250km a week and getting fit for the games (in the first week of November). I find the first and second stretches the most effective in releasing the pain. It is almost sufficient with these two only to restore the back after a strenuous exercise, but of course I do all of them.

I wish to ask if you agree with increasing the number of stretching times per day, specially the first 3 in the list of 8. In my case as I seem to need a stretch after working hard for a couple of hrs. ( I work as a maintainer of electronic equipment, work involves walking a lot and not sitting in a desk for long periods of time.)

Have you got any special suggestion for cyclists as I know quite a few follow your book.

Alex Sommariva.

Alex Sommariva

You have more than likely received an email from my PA trying to find where to get more copies of your book.

I would at this time like to thank you for what you and your book Back For Life have done for me. I am a 38 year old ex Australian Rules football player who loves to stay active. I have two children 11 and 8 who demand plenty of interaction in their sporting pursuits. I was at a point two years ago where even getting out of bed was such an effort. I am now back running again and as my son calls them, “my lumbar” problems are all but gone. Life is great and I can now look forward to snow skiing without pain killers.

My father-in-law (wise man that he is) discovered your book and he passed on the name to me. It has revitalised both our lives and we are sharing our experiences with all that complain about back pain.

We would love to give some of our friends and colleagues a copy of your book. Hopefully you have some in stock or being printed. Please let me know if you do.

Forever Grateful.
Craig Andersson
General Manager

Craig Andersson

I first would like to thank you for sharing your story and expertise with those of us that suffer terribly and want to regain control of our lives again. I purchased both of your e-books and am currently reading the back book. I would like to ask you about stretch no. 3 — perhaps for some alternative to accomplish the same stretch. I have an SI joint that I injured during childbirth and if I do that type of movement and many others, it stresses that joint and I am in more agony than usual. I would sincerely appreciate any assistance you might provide.

I hope you make a DVD of both books, in the near future, I would love that.

I read your story and boy do I identify with the suffering and money spent attempting to achieve a pain free life again. If it were not so sad, it would be comical and I do laugh all the time despite chronic pain for eleven years. I have severe back, shoulder and neck pain and it is mainly tense tight muscles and as you said — loss of symmetry. It would have been nice if one of the many people I went to over the years would even acknowledge it was muscular! They were so sweet to me but literally took my money and I had a day or so of reduced pain. The medical field — I am convinced does not want to help us — we are their cash flow. So sad….

I am thrilled that you are healed and were insightful enough to find your answers and share them with us and I expect to recover, absolutely. I am frightened at times that I will never do so but I never

give up hope and try to smile my way through it.

Thank you so much,
Candice Jacobs

Candice Jacobs

I am writing to say a BIG thank you for your terrific book, Back For Life.

I saw it on TV and bought it in May 2003.

I’ve had back pain since 20 years old when I was hit on my pushbike by a car. I’m now 45.

The pains been getting worse & I’ve had to take time off work here and there because of it. I’m a nurse.


I sleep all night without medication. No more sick leave and no more whinging. I can also work in the garden or cycle 30kms & recover immediately with no ill effects.

I guess I’m committed to your book for life. I don’t ever want to go back to that awful pain again.

Anyway Richard, I’m off to shovel some mulch into the wheelbarrow & top up some garden beds, but not without STRETCHING FIRST OF COURSE!

Thanks again
Carolyn Bond

Carolyn Bond

I bought your book more than 2 years ago and I have been doing the stretches since that time. I must say that it has improved my back dramatically. I was a bit sceptical at first but I am now a firm believer in your techniques.

I am going to the USA this Saturday and I promised a friend of mine who lives in LA that I would give him a copy of your book. I have already purchased your Necks book for him.

Is it possible to order the Back for Life book direct from you so I could have a copy to take with me to the US?

Solicitor Director


We have already purchased a few copies of your book “Back For Life” and continue to benefit greatly as have our grown up children.

We would like to buy 3 more copies for friends.

Thank you so much for having written this wonderful book!

Catharina Kenny

Catharina Kenny

Just a short email to thank you very much for your book “Back for Life” It has been a great help to me. l have realized after reading your book that l was doing the wrong hyperextension exercises for many months now. As you had stated in the back of your book, those exercises should NOT be done at all. (My physio told me to do these every day!) and now l understand that this has been making my back worse.

God sure send me your help to getting me on to the correct stretches and exercises. Have been doing your Back For Life stretches and exercises regularly now, and it has helped me tremendously. Much appreciated for all your help. May God bless you always.

Thanking you again.
Cindy Ansell.

Cindy Ansell

I bought, read and used your Back For Life book and found it very helpful, I now have a constant pain in my neck and I remembered somewhere reading that you published a book for neck pain.

Do you still have any copies of the neck book that you sell?

I’ve been to the Doctors, physio’s , Chiros, massage, and acupuncture , nothing helped , had x-rays all show nothing,

Can you help please!

Michael Bowen

Michael Bowen

I thought you may be interested, I have just won a Gold & Silver medal at the Australian Masters Games for Cycling (and 2 silvers the previous week for the national titles). Not bad for someone who couldn’t ride his bike for five minutes only 5 months ago because of back pain!

Thanks for your book!

Tony O’Connor

Tony O’Connor

It must be at least 12 months since I received your book “Back For Life” and I have been doing the stretches and exercises. My back has been greatly strengthened. I don’t have any more back pain and I can do several hours in the garden without suffering for the rest of the week. Your book has been a tremendous help. Some time ago, I learned of another of your books ” My Necks Book” that you have published. I would like to purchase it from you, as I get headaches occasionally which I am almost certain are related to neck problems. My doctor only offers me anti inflammatory tablets which don’t really ‘fix’ my neck. Could you please send me your “Neck” book with details of costs for postage etc. I am 57 years of age but no chance of retiring until I’m probably 65-70, also I’m back to study soon and into the workforce, working in Aged Care. So I have to be fit and therefore I know I need your ‘neck’ book! I look forward to hearing from you.

Your very appreciative friend
Ann Buckmaster

Ann Buckmaster

I bought your book My Necks Book two weeks ago and have been doing the neck stretches and exercises since and now, no pain! I usually would have taken lots of Asprin soluble and visited the chiro to have my neck adjusted for the umpteenith time this year. I had a car accident 15 years ago and this has been the pattern ever since. I have always been into healing oneself but my neck has defeated me in this area and I have hated been at my chiro’s mercy. Thank You. I will keep you informed of my progress.

Blessings to you.

Susanna Mason

Susanna Mason

I purchased your book “Back for Life” last week.

It is certainly like a breath of fresh air. I have suffered from lower back pain for many years, with a bulging disc between T3 and T4, and your book makes so much sense to me.

However I realise that I may not be performing some stretches correctly and I am anxious not to aggravate my painful lower back.

Would it be possible to get your DVD?

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Yours sincerely,
Noela King

Noela King

The good news is that I haven’t had any sciatica symptoms now for over 2 years. Also my wife’s neck has improved since we got your Necks Book and your DVD last year (and I learnt from the DVD that I had been doing one of the stretches wrong!).

Because your approach and suggestions have been so helpful with neck and back pain I’m taking a punt re another painful area. Hoping you may be able to suggest an approach for tennis elbow. While I play tennis but don’t have it, my wife has it from her computer work which her job consists almost entirely of. She has been treated with cortisone injections twice for some relief but it has recurred and seems to be getting worse. She also had some physio last year which helped for a while. Last week she saw a specialist who confirmed the RSI as classic tennis elbow and advised complete rest for at least 2 months.

She finds this just about impossible, ie resting the arm completely and is anxious about her job. Although she is covered by workers comp the company has no relief lined up to do her work for another month and she has been going in and trying to do everything left-handed. I am concerned that she will now put stress on the good left arm (mindful of your thoughts on symmetry). She has been on anti-inflammatories for some time and also takes glucosamine.

I am wondering (and hoping) that you might have some suggestions to offer – even though it’s not a back or neck problem tho it probably could end up affecting the neck.

Again thanks for your time and this service, Richard.

John Mackay

John Mackay

My name is Mike and I’m a 26 year old Engineer who sits at a desk 70% of the time. I purchased your book “Back for Life” about a month ago and have been doing the stretches religiously morning and night for four weeks. My back has improved by 75% (which is fantastic) although I am still only at the first exercise.

I feel as though I have lost my symmetry, as you talk about in the book and I can not stand-up for long periods of time as my back will ache.

Remembering back now I first noticed the loss of symmetry when I was 15 years old, I got a knock in football and was out of action for about 1 month and I didn’t see anyone (e.g. a doctor, a Chiro, physio etc), My body never felt completely right after that. I was quite an active person from the age of 15 to 20. In that time I did a lot of Rowing and Football and the back/side pain seemed to come and go through out that time. I started going to the Chiropractor when I was 20 years olds and like you say in your book I only got temporary pain relief.

My question is – Is there any more stretches or exercisers (eg. Walking, swimming, etc) that I can do to be pain free or is it too soon into the stretching/exercise routine for me to ask?

Michael Sweeny

Michael Sweeny

I bought the neck book for my father and he read it in one day. (My Mother was pleased to get him out of the way for the day!!!) He loved it so much that he instructed me to buy the back book for him.

He lives in the UK and he will be taking the books back with him to share with his friends. The information thus far has already helped him.

Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Thank you again.
Trina Vasic

Trina Vasic

I am completing the neck stretches every day and have been doing this for 2 months. I have had excellent results and am indebted to you for writing your book.

Thank you so much!

Nathan Hughes-Johnson.

Nathan Hughes-Johnson

I came by your book via a client (I am a Massage Therapist)

Hands down you’re onto a winner here (as you probably know)

I read it myself, and do the stretches and exercises every day. I do not have a back problem but find the self care work of great benefit in keeping me in good shape.

Have recommended your book to many, and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work.

“We are best at helping ourselves, but often, do not know how to.”

Knowledge is the Key.

Best Regards
Nikhil Saha

Nikhil Saha

My name is Simon, Just wanted to say that I think that your book is excellent. I have had a protruding/bulging disc problem for about 8 months now, I have tried a lot of different treatments etc. And those people treating me all give contrasting and different advice / opinions. This doctor said that stretching will damage the ligaments in my back and hence my recovery will be slower!I have been doing your stretchers and the first exercise for about 2 weeks and have got much better and more flexible.

Thanks and warm regards,
Simon Cho

Simon Cho