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25 tips

25 TIPS FOR BACK FOR LIFE #1…’s tip, the first in a series of 25, is all about attitude in the realm of back pain

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Pillow Test

Pillow test Your pillow should support your head so that your spine is horizontal. The best way to test this is to have someone attach

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Quadriceps test

Quadriceps test. To do this you will need an assistant. It doesn’t matter which leg is done first as both legs will be tested. Lie

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Sciatica pain exercises To begin this article, I need to remind you of a general article I wrote recently on sciatica. In it, I discussed

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I thought you may be interested, I have just won a Gold & Silver medal at the Australian Masters Games for Cycling (and 2 silvers the previous week for the national titles). Not bad for someone who couldn’t ride his bike for five minutes only 5 months ago because of back pain!

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