Back for Life – DVD (posted)


There have also been many who have asked for “Back For Life” to be illustrated as a DVD or video (or both). The DVD is not a replacement or substitute for Back For Life, but is a visual confirmation of the exact technique that has helped thousands to escape from the horror of back pain. The e-book version will help you SIGNIFICANTLY and for most sufferers, it has proven to be more than sufficient for their needs, yet others have asked for the DVD/Video to assist in their own efforts to perfect the “Back For Life” technique.

Eliminate back and neck pain for life with proven techniques developed 20 years ago by former back and neck pain sufferer, Richard Convery.

His Back For Life method has since enabled many, many thousands of sufferers to escape their own back and neck pain nightmares. The desire to live productive, profitable and pain-free lives, is at the very core of every one of us.