Back for Life – E-Book


Eliminate back and neck pain for life with proven techniques developed 20 years ago by former back and neck pain sufferer, Richard Convery. His Back For Life method has since enabled many, many thousands of sufferers to escape their own back and neck pain nightmares. The desire to live productive, profitable and pain-free lives, is at the very core of every one of us.

Now you can take control of YOUR back and neck pain! No Pills! No Surgery! No expensive chiropractors!  You hold the key to reducing debilitating back and neck pain.  ALL IN 15 MINUTES A DAY (and much of that is done in bed!)

The ONLY back and neck pain treatment in the WORLD with a money back guarantee!

Back and Neck pain is such a serious problem for hundreds of millions of people across the world. Whether the pain is caused by sports injuries, poor posture, many hours sitting in front of a computer or a workbench, or any other work related physical activities, millions suffer needlessly. Sadly, few of those who suffer from the misery of back and neck pain are aware that relief does not have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, or even involve pills, medication, or surgery.