Back for Life – Hard Copy Book

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I feel it’s about time to give the millions of BACK PAIN SUFFERERS out there some simple truths to equip and empower them to HELP THEMSELVES.

Back For Life – The book, unlike any other back pain treatment in the world is based on THREE critically important issues. Without all three of these issues, the treatment program you may currently be on can hope to provide ONLY TEMPORARY RELIEF AT BEST.

ALL these products are fully supported by FLECS (Free Lifetime Email Consultation Service). FLECS was set up to assist sufferers through the (sometimes) difficult rehabilitation period. FLECS can, as the name suggests, be used by any purchaser of any of the products as often and for as long as the purchaser requires. I personally respond to every FLECS email. FLECS has proven to be an invaluable tool to so many as they regain control of their own lives. It is there for you to use.

Built on the unshakable belief that “If I can’t help you, why should I get paid anything?”, led me to the decision that Back For Life comes with a ‘no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee’.  To the very best of our knowledge, is the ONLY money back guarantee in back pain treatment anywhere in the world.

No-one would refund ANYTHING for me, but I will for you.  From over twenty thousand back pain sufferers using Back For Life, less than half of one percent ask for a refund because Back For Life, simple as it is, ACTUALLY WORKS.

The remarkable results can be achieved without pills, equipment or money and with minimal time commitment (on average, just 15 minutes per day and much of that can be done in bed).