My Necks Book – E-Book


It’s not like a sore thumb that only hurts when you whack it or try to use it. Neck pain hurts ALL the time and neck pain lets you know it’s there ALL the time.

Neck pain, for those who have experienced it, which is probably you, jumps all over you like fleas on a dirty dog, in just about every move you make and just about everything you do.

When chronic and severe neck pain hits, much like chronic and severe back pain, it’s the very first thing that demands your attention when you wake up, the last thing you think of when you’re trying to go to sleep and much of what’s in between.

Try as you might, when you’re neck is screaming, it is just plain impossible, to hide the blatantly obvious fact that YOU ARE IN PAIN!

Neck pain IS a pain in the neck and when you’ve got it, life becomes immensely harder and a whole lot less fun, to put it mildly.