Scheuermanns Disease 3/3

Can we prevent this from occurring? Absolutely.

Can we reverse the effects once theses problems have occurred? Absolutely.

Can we reverse these effects if I’ve been suffering for a long time? Absolutely [however we need to make allowances for the fact that this condition has been evident and prevalent in our lives for an extended period of time, and so we need to make allowances for the undeniable fact that the condition has left us with a less-than-perfect spine [just like it was in my case. As I stated earlier, I was diagnosed with several inoperable and incurable spinal conditions, including Scheuermann’s, and for twenty years now I have been able to live a life of almost total freedom from pain. I had suffered for ten horrendous years previously, from my late teens until my late twenties, despite having already spent a fortune on the best that medical science had to offer, on three continents, yet the ‘very best of the best’ failed to deliver any sort of positive results, and ultimately left me with the dubious prognosis of a life spent in unavoidable agony and a future destined to be spent confined in a wheelchair.

The Scheuermann’s is no longer an issue in my life, nor is the scoliosis or the spondylolisthesis.

I play basically any sport I choose to, and at 52 years of age, there is literally nothing that remains as a source of fear for me and my life.
The amazing benefits of Back For Life and My Necks Book have been shared with tens of thousands of sufferers around the world, sufferers who, like me, had been given the same sorts of frightening prospects, after their painful and expensive journeys had delivered nothing more than despair and hopelessness.

Somehow they found Back For Life, and the rest is history.
To date, though, we have done nothing more than scratch the surface of the surface when we consider the gravity of the immense back pain epidemic.

Sufferers of conditions such as Scheuermann’s continue every day of every year to experience the agony of failure, yet in so may of these cases, their pain is unnecessary.

Kids as young as ten and eleven, having spent such a giant slice of their early life in front of a computer screen or engrossed in the latest play station, are prime candidates for a future life of pain from conditions often misdiagnosed and referred to as Scheuermann’s. This is not a disease, but a preventable and reversible condition, and I pray that your suffering, or the suffering of your loved ones is soon to be nothing more than mine has become, a product of a painful past, destined to no longer rule and reign within our lives. Let it soon be part of your past, and not your future.

Richard Convery – Proud to be serving Jesus as my Saviour and friend – Isaiah 54:17

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