Spinal traction in water [Deep water running]
An excellent way to traction the spine is either by inversion OR by utilising your body’s own weight supported in water.
This is sometimes referred to by deep water running.
You enter the pool by walking with a flotation noodle or other similar flotation device under your armpits. You walk toward the deeper section until you feel your feet start to lose contact with the floor of the pool and gently allow your own body weight to traction your spine. Continue to do this with your body vertical and stationary for at least 60 seconds and if you feel comfortable to do so, gradually begin to introduce some gentle movement. The movement in conjunction with the traction, allows for lubrication of the spinal joints that otherwise would not be possible with weight bearing spinal compression. When you feel you have done sufficient, complete the session by doing another 60 seconds of stationary traction and leave the water. It is beneficial to stretch before and after the session and do not enter water that is below about 19 degrees Celsius, as this can be counter-productive in your attempts to restore elasticity.

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