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Back Pain Trapped Nerve

Back Pain Trapped Nerve The human central nervous system makes the world’s most sophisticated computer look like an abacus. And like any sophisticated communications and

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Back Pain Therapy Exercises

Back Pain Therapy Exercises “You need to lose weight, and you need to do some exercise to strengthen your back.” How many millions of back

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Low Back Pain

By taking even a cursory glance at the human skeletal system, we quickly notice that the thickness of each vertebra increases as the spine descends.

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Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis Stretch. After doing stretches 1-3, it is often advantageous, for those who are able, to do a piriformis stretch. Many people will not be

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Scapula Stretch

Scapula Sideways Stretch Gently raise one arm [say the right] directly above your head then slowly bend it at the elbow and place your finger

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Tennis elbow treatment

Wrist and Forearm stretches for conditions such as tennis elbow. Place the back of your left hand in the palm of your right in front

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Spinal traction

Spinal traction in water [Deep water running] An excellent way to traction the spine is either by inversion OR by utilising your body’s own weight

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I thought you may be interested, I have just won a Gold & Silver medal at the Australian Masters Games for Cycling (and 2 silvers the previous week for the national titles). Not bad for someone who couldn’t ride his bike for five minutes only 5 months ago because of back pain!

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